Fast-Fold Collapsible

Easy setup, fast teardown, the perfect screen for commercial demonstrations

Professional Lightweight All-Aluminum Frame and Legs

The Fast Fold screen have a sleek, heavy-duty aluminum frame that is both durable and attractive. This screens rugged, robust design and construction means it can be used, stored away and moved on a daily basis.

4″ Black Borders for Enhanced Contrast

It seems like a small feature to have black borders around the viewing area, but it should not be underestimated. Having black borders improve the perceived brightness and contrast of a projected image by surrounding the projected images in black. This adds both punch and brightness.

Optional Fast-Fold Screen Drapery Kit

The optional drapery kit for EluneVision Fast-Fold screens is an excellent way to add a professionalism to your presentation. The drapery kit adds that more complete and finished professional look to the screen, and helps maintain the focus of the audience by blocking the light around the screen. Additionally, the screen is made of a fire-retardant material, allowing for a professional yet safe finish to your presentation.

High Performance Screen Material – Front and Rear Projection

The Fast-Fold series can use both front and rear projection materials. The front-projecting 1.2 gain white material is designed to produce a precise image reproduction without loss of resolution. With a smooth, white vinyl finish, it provides an incredibly large viewing angle. Perfect for use with today’s high contrast projectors.

Designed with Portability and Convenience in Mind

Transporting and storing your Fast-Fold screen in made easy with the supplied heavy duty deluxe carry case with handles and rollers.

Designed with portability in mind, the frame, legs, screen and all accessories pack away neatly into this attractive and durable transport case.

Fast-Fold Collapsible

Product Details

Because professional screens should also be your companion on the road, our Fast-fold series are designed to be constantly moving without showing signs of deterioration, even after years of use.

  • Heavy-duty deluxe carrying case for easy transportation.
  • Sleek and lightweight all-aluminum frame.
  • Wide black borders for improved brightness and contrasts
  • Optional fast-fold drapery kit for increased audience focus.


Sizes and Specifications

High Definition Format (16:9)

wdt_IDModelScreen Size (diag.)Viewable WidthViewable HeightOverall WidthOverall Height (Min)Overall Height (Max)Overall DepthWithout Drapery KitWith Drapery Kit
1EV-FF-135-1.2135"118"66"126"82"102"50"Without Drapery KitWith Drapery Kit
2EV-FF-150-1.2150"131"74"139"88"125"50"Without Drapery KitWith Drapery Kit
3EV-FF-165-1.2150"144"81"152"97"124"50"Without Drapery KitWith Drapery Kit
4EV-FF-184-1.2184"160"90"168"106"145"50"Without Drapery KitWith Drapery Kit
5EV-FF-230-1.2230"200"113"208"128"170"50"Without Drapery KitWith Drapery Kit
6EV-FF-275-1.2275"240"135"248"150"175"50"Without Drapery KitWith Drapery Kit

Standard Definition Format (4:3)

wdt_IDModelScreen Size (diag.)Viewable WidthViewable HeightOverall WidthOverall Height (Min)Overall Height (Max)Overall DepthWithout Drapery KitWith Drapery Kit
1EV-FF-120-1.2-4:3120"96"72"104"80"128"50"Without Drapery KitWith Drapery Kit
2EV-FF-150-1.2-4:3150"120"80"128"105"146"50"Without Drapery KitWith Drapery Kit
3EV-FF-180-1.2-4:3180"144"108"152"124"170"50"Without Drapery KitWith Drapery Kit
4EV-FF-250-1.2-4:3250"200"150"208"161"182"50"Without Drapery KitWith Drapery Kit