Reference 8K Ultra Short Throw Ambient Light Rejection

Reference Level Color Reproduction and Improved Contrast in Low and Moderate Ambient Light

After years of research, we have developed the 8K Micro Lens System that reflects the light from an ultra short throw projector while absorbing ambient light from lighting. This greatly enhances the contrast of the projector as well as performance under moderate ambient light.

The screen material contains thousands of specially designed ridges that one side is to absorb ambient light while the other side is to reflect the projector’s light. This will bring up the contrast by 500% to give you the most stunning image ever.

Reference 8K Ultra Short Throw Ambient Light Rejection

Reference Level Color Reproduction and Improved Contrast in Low and Moderate Ambient Light

Micro Lens Technology Engineered to Enhance Your Content

Our Reference 8K Ultra Short Throw ALR material is designed to deliver the best quality images from your projector. It incorporates reflective micro-particles that will reject 79% of the ambient light to prevent any hot spot on the screen, and making sure only the projector lights is reflect on the screen

The Perfect Picture, Regardless of the Environment

Our specially engineered ambient light rejection technology was developed to reject every bit of any off axis source of light, making your content appear crisp and sharp, even in brightly lit rooms. Ensuring excess light doesn’t disturb your viewing while still delivering your content with sharper colors and better contrast.

High contrast optical projection layer

The high contrast optical projection layer contains thousands of nano ridges that are composed of a special pyramidal shape. Each ridge has a reflection side and an absorption side. The absorption side uses a specially made material that absorbs 90% of the light while the reflection side can reflect only the projector light.


Stabilization Layer

It protects the screen from any crease and damages to keep the images quality sharp for years without changing the screen.

Reflection Nano Lens

Special Optical Nano Coating on the reflection side ensures the brightest and high contrast image by using a 6x layer of different coatings to achieve the maximum color reproduction.

Absorption Nano Lens

The absorption is made from a special carbon matrix that is extremely black to absorb a up to 90% of the stray light.

Specially Designed for Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Don’t put up with regular screen if you can get the ultimate TV-like experience with our specially designed ultra short throw projection screen. Our ultra short throw material is made to give you the best movie experience

Technical Specifications

Material Type Micro Lens 8K Ultra Short Throw Front Projection
Gain 0.7 
Screen Types Reference 8K Ultra Short Throw ALR
Minimum Throw Distance 1 inch
Ambient Light Resistance Good
Ambient Light Reflectance Value 79%
Lay Flat Quality Excellent
Flame Resistance Yes
Mildew Treatment Yes
Size Limitations 150 inches
Edge-Blending Properties Good

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