Atlas Controlled Return

The ultimate in pulldown screen with a specially designed self-locking mechanism

Atlas Controlled Return Mechanism Screen

The Atlas Manual Pull-Down Screen series is a high-performance screen designed with value and simplicity in mind. It is ideal for those looking for a non-permanent screen that is designed for years of daily use. With our patented Controlled Return Mechanism system, the Atlas screen is well suited for an array of home theatre and commercial applications.

Triple-Layered, Fiberglass-Enforced Screen Material

The Atlas series uses an extremely durable, heavy duty, triple layered material. The first layer is consists of the optical viewing surface, which is available in any one of our five materials. The second layer is a thick fiberglass layer giving the material strength and durability. The last layer is a fully black material that is opaque to all visible light.

No More Struggling with Opening and Closing the Screen

Our exclusive patented CSR buffer slows the projection screens return into the housing allowing for less wear and tear on the screen material and hardware. Atlas’s self-locking mechanism with advanced bearing design will allow the screen to be set in just about any position by simply holding the screen for 1-2 seconds where you want the screen to stay.

Extra Black Drop for High Ceilings

Our screens come with extra drop which is useful for high ceiling installations. The extra drop allows the screens dropped low enough so that screen is within the audience viewing cone. This feature saves installation costs by reducing the need for difficult and complex installation procedures. The retraction system on our screen is specially designed so that it stops at regular intervals. This allows the flexibility to only use the surface area that you want. Additionally, the screen recoil mechanism uses heavy duty springs and locking mechanisms that will perform with clockwork precision year after year.

Atlas Controlled Return

Product Details

A manual screen designed to take care of itself. The Atlas was engineered with Controlled Return technology, making your screen last longer by protecting it from creases, wrinkles and malfunctions.

  • Bottom steel bar that will keep your screen flat and ready to use.
  • Complete customization to fit your needs
  • Black backing on the screen absorbs light
  • Controlled Return technology that will make your screen last a lifetime


Sizes and Specifications

High Definition Format (16:9)

wdt_ID Model Screen Size (diag.) Viewable Width Viewable Height Housing Length Black Drop Download
1 EV-M2-92-1.2 92" 80" 45" 86 ½" 19 ¾” Download
2 EV-M2-100-1.2 100" 87" 49" 93 ½" 19 ¾” Download
3 EV-M2-106-1.2 106" 92 ¼" 51 ¾" 98 ¾" 19 ¾" Download
4 EV-M2-120-1.2 120" 104 ½" 58 ¾" 111" 15 ¾" Download
5 EV-M2-128-1.2 128" 111 ½" 62 ¾" 118" 12" Download
6 EV-M2-135-1.2 135" 117 ½" 66" 124" 8" Download

Standard Definition Format (4:3)

wdt_ID Model Screen Size (diag.) Viewable Width Viewable Height Housing Length Black Drop Download
1 EV-M2-84-1.2 4:3 84" 67" 50 ¼" 73 ¾" 19 ¾” Download
2 EV-M2-100-1.2 4:3 100" 80" 60" 86 ½" 12" Download
3 EV-M2-120-1.2 4:3 120" 96" 72" 102 ½" 8" Download