Pneumatic Air-Lift

A high-quality pop-up theater screen when you take your projections on the go

  • Extremely portable screen which is easy to carry and store
  • Just place the screen where you want it, snap open the case, and lift up the screen
  • Pneumatic air pistons on the back of the screen keep the screen material tight and upright
  • Matte White fabric with 1.2 gain, with an ultra wide 170 degree viewing angle. Screen is pure white, allowing maximum gamma setting
  • Features black border for easy viewing
  • Thanks to pneumatic air-pistons, stands very firm and upright
  • Fabric is mildew-proof, burn-resistant, and antistatic treatment keeps dust from accumulating

Pneumatic Air-Lift

Product Details

Designed to move, the Pneumatic Air Lift is extremely portable and built to be easily carried around. Built with pneumatic air pistons engineered to withstand the test of time, your screen will remain tight and wrinkle-free to perfectly reflect your content.

  • Easy set up: just lift and enjoy!
  • Matte White screen with ultra-wide 170 degree viewing angle.
  • Black borders for easy viewing and enhanced contrasts
  • Resistant fabric that will last in near-perfect conditions for years to come.


Sizes and Specifications


High Definition Format (16:9)

wdt_ID Model Screen Size (diag.) Viewable Width Viewable Height Case Length Black Drop Download
1 EV-AL-80-1.2 80" 70" 39" 77" 38" Download
2 EV-AL-100-1.2 100" 87" 49" 95" 42" Download

Standard Definition Format (4:3)

wdt_ID Model Screen Size (diag.) Viewable Width Viewable Height Housing Length Black Drop Download
1 EV-AL-60-1.2-4:3 60" 48" 36" 55 ¾" 40" Download
2 EV-AL-80-1.2-4:3 80" 64" 48" 71" 28" Download
3 EV-AL-100-1.2-4:3 100" 80" 60" 88" 31" Download