Luna Motorized Screen

Bring ease and control into your life with a stop-control motorized screen

Heavy Bottom Metal Tension Bar Keeps the Screen Flat

A weighty steel bottom bar is used despite the extra costs added to the manufacturing of the screens. The extra weight of the steel bar keeps the screen  in great condition after years of use.

 Powder Coated Alloy Screen Housing

The Luna series screens have a sleek, white aluminum housing that is both durable and attractive. Depending on the size of the screen, the aluminum casing comes in square or hexagonal format. Our professional square housing allows the introduction of a rail mounting system which gives you the freedom to place the mounting brackets where you want.

Black Borders for Enhanced Contrast

It seems like a small feature to have black borders around the viewing area, but it should not be underestimated. Having black borders improve the perceived brightness and contrast of a projected image by surrounding the projected images in black. This adds both punch and brightness.


Remote and Wall Control Offering Ease of Use

The Luna series comes with wall control panel, 110V outlet plug, and remote control. This ensures our screens can be operated under a variety of situations with the upmost ease. Furthermore, the 110V plug means you can get our screens up and running quickly and easily.

Triple-Layered, Fiberglass-Enforced Screen Material

The Luna series uses an extremely durable, heavy duty, triple layered material. The first layer is consists of the optical viewing surface, which is available in any one of our five materials. The second layer is a thick fiberglass layer giving the material strength and durability. The last layer is a fully black material that is opaque to all visible light.

Luna Motorized Screen

Product Details

Functional yet durable, the Luna was designed to fit your needs and make your content shine every time.  With technology meant to last, enjoy the versatility and quality projections of the Luna for years to come.

  • Contrasts are enhanced with the deep-black borders that improve perceived brightness
  • Heavy steel bottom bar guarantees a flat screen with zero wrinkles
  • Triple-layered screen material that’s avoids light loss and sharpens your content
  • Completely customizable screen sizes available to fit your needs


Sizes and Specifications

High Definition Format (16:9)

wdt_ID Model Screen Size (diag.) Viewable Width Viewable Height Housing Length Tension Bar Length Black Drop Download
1 EV-E-92-1.2 92" 80" 45" 92" 85" 20" Download
2 EV-E-106-1.2 106" 92 ¼" 51 ¾" 104" 97 ¼" 16" Download
3 EV-E-120-1.2 120" 104 ½" 58 ¾" 116" 109 ½" 16" Download
4 EV-E-128-1.2 128" 111 ½" 62 ¾" 123" 116 ½" 14" Download
5 EV-E-135-1.2 135" 117 ½" 66" 129" 122 ½" 12" Download

Digital Display Format (16:10)

wdt_ID Model Screen Size (diag.) Viewable Width Viewable Height Housing Length Tension Bar Length Black Drop Downloads
1 EV-E-94-1.2-16:10 94" 79 ½" 49 ¾" 91" 84 ½" 16" Downloads
2 EV-E-109-1.2-16:10 109" 92 ¼" 57 ¾" 104" 97 ¼" 16" Downloads
3 EV-E-123-1.2-16:10 123" 104 ¼" 65" 116" 109 ¼" 14" Downloads
4 EV-E-137-1.2-16:10 137" 116" 72 ½" 128" 121" 8" Downloads